Iltamat (Social Evening)

music, circus, dance, theatre, visual arts

Iltamat (Social Evening)

Planning and preparation of the ILTAMAT (SOCIAL EVENING) concept

We (Katariina Angeria, Mi Duncker, Anne Hiekkaranta, Essi Ojanperä, Jenni Kallo, Maija Karhunen, Janne Masalin and Ilkka Tolonen) are a group of music, circus, dance, theatre and visual arts professionals. We have met in conjunction with various multidisciplinary artistic processes – in traditional theatre spaces, northern river landscapes, small villages and busy cityscapes.

We are looking for a direction and a boost for scriptwriting, dramatisation, choreography and further production plans related to the Social Evening concept at our first meeting at the Saari Residence from 4 to 13 May 2015. Social Evening is a continuation of communal forms of artistic work carried out in northern Finland, with the goal of creating high-quality, multidisciplinary performances for small villages and locations near main roads.

Iltamat converts traditions into modern art, a three-hour cocktail of mind-blowing dance, music, scents, desires and moments of lightness and joy. Social Evening will be touring in the far north of Scandinavia in January 2017.

The group worked at the Saari Residence in spring 2015.