Hanna Tuulikki

taiteilija, säveltäjä, esiintyjä

Kuva: Suzy Lee ATLAS arts

Artist, composer and performer Hanna Tuulikki (b.1982) works across over a range of visual and sound-based forms. She works primarily with the voice to build worlds out of sound, immersive ethereal spaces that attempt to unearth an essential relationship with the lore of places. Within performance she makes use of sculptural objects and stagings, often within an outdoor setting. Drawings, text and visual scores extend her work, illustrating subject-matter, creative process, and, sometimes, elements of narrative.


“During my Saari residency I will begin to research and develop a new site-specific composition for an ensemble of musical saw players. The project will explore the relationship between the concept of ‘the forest’ and the evolution of Finnish national identity, from a contemporary ‘eco-poetic’, ‘bioregional’, and musical perspective, focusing, in particular, on the movement from indigenous woodland to managed plantations, and the implication of this shift socially, culturally, emotionally and ecologically.

After the residency, my intention is for the composition to be performed, in a plantation that has recently been harvested. The musicians will be seated on tree stumps, their saws producing ghost-like sounds that resonate through the clearing and float off into forest.

My composition will be presented in a series of visual circular scores and these will echo the tree-rings on the stumps in the clearing. I will create the music by selecting fragments, carefully ‘harvested’ from the melodies of traditional forest-related songs. By splicing these fragments together I will create an effect akin to the generative eco-system of the ‘wild’ forest.

Bringing together different fields of practice – music, performance, visual art, ecology, land management, and folklore – the work will be rooted in place, tradition and cultural history.”