Hanna Rajakangas

Sound designer, sound artist and researcher

During her residency, Hanna Rajakangas has enjoyed the opportunity to focus on her artistic research

Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa

During my recidency at Saari, I seek perspectives that reinforce the phenomenological effectiveness and the affective elements of the performer’s voice. In my work speech and voice are treated foremost as material, not concentrating on the semantic features of it. Rather, the focus is on the voice’s materiality that lies “behind the words” (e.g. paralinguistic). The aim is to restructure speech and voice within the acoustic and technological stage environment and approach these as dramaturgical tools that effect the listener. The listener referred here is the performer, sound designer or a member and the audience.

How can speech, as an element of a performance, become a creative, affective journey for the speaker? How can the sound related tools bring more agency for the speaker and enhance the process of becoming?

At the Saari Residence, I can put myself in the position of the speaker and performer who has the power and tools to re-structure, amplify and situate voice material in space – and I also want to invite others inside this audible sphere.


Hanna Rajakangas’ work is built multidisciplinary around sound and voice. Rajakangas is sound designer and vocalist. She works in the fields of Artistic Research, the Performing Arts, Sound Art and Sound Installations. Rajakangas is currently doing artistic research called Voice as an Affective Agent in Sound Design and Performing Arts in the doctoral program of Theater Academy (Performing Arts Center Tutke, the University of Arts Helsinki).  She has developed a method for voice work called Prework With Voice  (funded by Kone Foundation) for artists that work in the Performing Arts field, but also to those who work in Fine and Media Arts. The technique enhances the imagination while producing bodily resonance and deep listening.