Gabriela Muñoz

performing artist

Gabriela has a variety of experience in theatre, circus and opera. She finished her studies at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) based on Jacques Lecoq’s pedagogy, following a 2-year postgraduate course and a year course at the School of Physical Theatre in London.

In 2009 she co-founded the company CLOWN ME IN with fellow colleague Sabine Choucair (Lebanon) and has worked as a volunteer with Clowns Without Borders USA since 2011.

She has given clown and storytelling workshops all around Mexico, in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Sweden, Colombia, Phillipines, England and NY City.

She was part of the documentary “A Fool‘s Idea” by Emmy award winner Brian Bernhard in NY 2009.
In 2010, she created “Perhaps Perhaps Quizás”, her first clown show which she has performed in Mexico and various countries around the world (Mexico, UK, Spain, France, Sweden, NY, Colombia, Brazil and Georgia).

In February 2015, with the support of EFI TEATRO, INBA and Co-Productions she premiered her second creation, “Limbo”, in Mexico City.

Limbo has been performed at Teatro Milan and Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris in collaboration with Latin Grammy winner Natalia Lafourcade.

LIMBO, a clown show in three acts.

This is the second approach I’ll be having to this show I wrote, directed and performed in. It was created as a big production in February 2015 in Mexico City with the help of the INBA / EFI TEATRO grant where I had a season of 30 shows in Teatro Milan. My aim now is to make it a show with which I can travel and move easily. Going from a big production into a small (economised) version that is still as effective as the other one. I want to go back to the base and to be able to make it a handmade show, as it’s a very personal journey, I want to go back to the core of it and find its heart again.

LIMBO is a journey into a parallel world between the living and the dead, an imaginary world that is also very real.

With clowning I’ve discovered there are no borders, no gender, religion, social status not even a language, we share the basic, we feel, we suffer, we laugh, we feel scared, we want to love and be loved in return. My work focuses on that possibility. I have therefore tried to work in as many places as possible, trying to prove this principle. I have performed in many countries where cultures and “differences” merge and are added to adjust and adapt my work in order for it to have a real impact and it has shown me that despite our condition, we still try to create a bridge of empathy, I do it through clowning, a bridge of compassion and a reminder that humanity is in desperate need of feeling again. I wish to be able to work on LIMBO in another place where the provocations push the boundaries of the senses, of physical consciousness.