Eva Müller

Comic artist, writer and performer

Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa

Eva Müller is a comic artist, writer and performer.

During her Residency at the Saari Residence, Eva wants to focus on her third comic book, a social thriller. She’s planning a story that deals with class and gender oppression. To augment these instances of oppression in society, she wants to use elements of suspense and horror. The book is set in a garden plot colony at the edges of Hamburg, one of the wealthiest cities in Germany, with a vast gap between the rich and poor. At the beginning of the 19th century, these garden colonies were built to counteract hunger and poverty. Later on, the working class still rented the gardens to escape their dense multi-storey apartment buildings in the cities. Recently gentrification also found its way into the garden colonies.

More and more parcels are now occupied by young urban professionals and upper white middle class, who live their phantasy of urban country life there. The working class gets expelled.

In the book, a couple, two women, are invited to a birthday party in such a garden colony. In the course of the day, a horror situation for them develops that is mainly fed by class differences and gender oppression.

Eva’s comics are always hybrids between facts, research and fiction, and they usually have societal, political and historical elements. Somehow she is a collector and collages the collection in the form of narration, and she’s simply using pen and paper for that. After a comic is finished, she often performs it in multimedia comic readings.


Eva Müller was born in 1981 in a southwestern village in Germany, near the French border. She obtained a diploma in social work in 2003 and, in 2017, a bachelor’s degree in illustration from the HAW Hamburg. Since then, she has worked as a comic author and artist based in Hamburg. Eva travels the world to work on her books in artist residencies, like the Japan Media Arts Residency in Tokyo or from the Camargo Foundation in France. She published several short stories in anthologies, magazines, and self-published zines. In 2017, she debuted with her first full graphic novel, In the Future we are Dead. The book was translated into English and French. Eva won several awards for her comics. Her second book, a working-class graphic novel, will be published in Germany by Suhrkamp Verlag and the US by Birdcage Bottom Books in 2022.