sound art

Experiments in sound and movement and developing sensory technology as part of Shaman Shoes, a sound installation.

Launched in 2012, Shaman Shoes is a cooperation project in the field of wearable technology. It is a mobile sound installation that uses sensors to convert daily gestures and movements into sounds. At the Saari Residence, we will focus on the further development of programming and the equipment and on the enhancement of the project’s power of artistic expression. The goal of improving the installation technology is to produce more accurate and receptive sensor data and thus lay a solid foundation for artistic experiments. The purpose of the experiments is to study the interaction between movement and sound. Our goal is to accurately collect and record various choreographies of action. This will enable us to present the energy and musicality inherent in movements. The soundscape created through action will turn daily observations into something exceptional.

Ensaemble worked at the Saari Residence in June-July 2015.