Edd Carr

Artist, Saari Invited Artist November and December 2023

Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa

I will be working on the development of my film practice, both conceptually and materially. This includes comparative research into animism across British, Nordic, and Japanese cultures, as a challenge to the ecological and social violence embedded in modern modes of production. This interest in animism extends into my material practice, where I work/collaborate with nonhuman materials to produce photographic images. At Saari, I will be furthering this research, with a focus on alternatives to animal derived ingredients in photography.

The Saari Residence enables me to both develop my practice without interruption, as well as to meet and learn from the other residents that will be on site. I look forward to hearing about their approaches to working, and thoughts on creativity in the ecological crisis.

During my residency, I work with low-toxic and ecological alternatives to analogue photography. For my own practice I work with moving image formats, such as 8mm.

Edd Carr is an artist based in the UK. Adapting photographic processes into moving image – his work depicts our relationship to the ecological crisis and the wider nonhuman world. Edd is also one of the leaders of the Sustainable Darkroom, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the research, development, and advocacy of eco-friendly alternatives to analogue and digital photography.

His moving image work has been exhibited worldwide, including the Louis Vuitton Coming of Age Exhibition in memory of Virgil Abloh, DAZED CIRCA exhibited on London’s Piccadilly Circus screen and Tokyo’s Yunika Vision, projection on Denver Clocktower, Colorado, The Tetley, Leeds, The Whitworth, Manchester, Fashion Film Festival Milan, and more. Awards include the Channel 4 Random Acts Award, FLAMIN Film London Fellowship, and the Innovation Award EFEA Festival.