Dr Sumugan Sivanesan

Artist, researcher and writer


I will be working on articles, conference presentations, media productions and archives concerned with my project funded by the Kone Foundation: FUGITIVE-RADIO.NET

During my residency, I’m looking forward to time away from the distractions of ‘regular life’ to focus on critical reflection and writing, some media production and planning for the coming year. My project employs ‘radio-as-method’; (collaboratively) producing radio events, performances and podcasts as a means of conducting research and publishing/broadcasting. At Saari, I will be writing texts for publications, editing video documentation, producing audio works, preparing performances and planning for the future of fugitive-radio.net

Sumugan Sivanesan is an anti-disciplinary artist, researcher and writer. Often working collaboratively his interests span migrant histories and minority politics, activist media, artist infrastructures and more-than-human rights. He is currently developing fugitive-radio.net to research anticolonial media and music. In Helsinki, he has been working in collaboration with PIXELACHE supported by the Kone Foundation. In Berlin, Sumugan organises with BLACK EARTH, a collective who address interacting issues of race, gender, colonialism and climate justice.