Residency artists and researchers

Sculpture, installation art

Deng Lin / Yu Ning


Deng Lin / Yu Ning’s members are Yang Deng-Lin and Yang Yu-Ning. They are classmates in the study of Fine Arts and they have cooperated in some exhibitions. This year, they work in the Saari Residence together.

Yang Deng-Lin
When I observe the environment around me, the materials or objects that attract me usually have the sticky and fragile texture, changing over time. They are often found in the artificial objects. In the past, I have tried to make these materials in a natural way that they could express themselves and let these materials live to show the glory of their final life. I wish I could adopt the same method or use different ways in material usage to create new artworks in the Saari Residence.

Yang Yu-Ning
My artworks are usually composed by natural materials, such as beeswax, rice, and snake slough. During my residency, I wish to explore and introduce something special for my new project, especially elements like light or temperature, or maybe to place something outdoors and naturally shaped by time or other elements.