Danai Anagnostou and workgroup

During the residency, our group delved into the potential of moving images as practice in social organizing, multidirectional and interconnected transmission of knowledge, as a collective form of thinking and doing. We focused on questions such as: Can we translate our personal and political experiences into educational material for reconfiguring the filmmaking ecosystem as a practice and widely gate-kept industry? Can other expertise and disciplines slide in and influence the predominant perception of it and facilitate moments or other realizations which would not happen otherwise?
We have identified a requirement for different production models for filmmaking. Departing from our works created a discussion table to open up organizational questions, aiming to support artists, doers, and organizers.

We started by highlighting the common denominators of our work and mapping resources and strategies for seeking support for our development and production processes. We opened up on the dreaded topic of mistakes: what kind of support does one need to be able to deal with mistakes while it happens and what is needed afterwards? What if it is hard to admit? When does it make sense to turn it into a positive spin, and when is it time to mourn? What for or for whom are we making mistakes? We practised notation and remembering through documenting the residence, making for each other, and further disseminating the process.