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Colectivo Amasijo

Carmen Serra & Martina Manterola

Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa

Saari Invited Artists Carmen Serra and Martina Manterola are part of colectivo amasijo, a group of women from different parts of Mexico united in their desire to reflect on the origin and diversity of our food actively.

Carmen Serra: Latin-American literature degree, master in cultural biology, researcher, teacher, artist, spt (social presencing theatre) practitioner, thinking systems.

Martina Manterola: Economics degree, agroforestry studies, researcher, cook, artist.

We are interested in famine food, a network of women, communal land, technologies for reproducing life, and the inter-connection of landmarks and recipes as an exquisite territory.

We prefer not to think about expectations; if you have them, you might only seek them and lose the ability to wonder, and you can diminish the curiosity mood. We want this residency as a space in which we can reflect on our work thanks to the feedback process we will experience. We want to learn from the different projects shared with us among the community. To expand our understanding of our human co-responsibility to nature and how we can listen to her through the interconnection of our practice in this territory.

Our working methods are cooking, conversations, listening, rituals, games, foraging, walking, performance, ceremonies, and celebrations.


colectivo amasijo is a group of women from united in their desire to actively reflect on the origin and diversity of our food. The collective was born in 2019 and ever since, has been a listener for non– dominant voices: the stories of women close to the land, narratives that tell us the real cost of climate change and show us the way towards the regeneration of the land.

As an open collective they cook collectively to share, learn, care, conserve, relate and celebrate the (bio)diversity of food. Their projects are aimed at making visible the interdependence between language, culture, and territory. Through these projects, that can take the form of gatherings, dinners, research, actions, ceremonies, exhibitions, markets, seminars, film, talks or other, the collective builds the needed structures to form a community in which taking care and taking care of the territory in relation to food is priority.

Since 2022 they have a kitchen and a mill in Mexico City Center. In this collective kitchen they cook all the ingredients that the network of women, from different communities they work with, grow in their patios, milpas, and collect from the communal forest.

Selected projects:

2023 Exquisite territory. Residence project in proyectoamil, in collaboration with Somalgors 74, Tschlin, Engadine, Switzerland.

2023 Casas de Comida. An ongoing project of Marta Fernández for Planta Alta, organized by Hablar en Arte, Madrid, Spain.

2022 Disturbants of the Land, breath and sound curated by Listen to the city. Commission work Untamed, Coreana Museum of Art. Seul, Korea.

2021 Los sones de la tierra. Commission from Instituto Cisneros/MoMA. Museum of Modern Art, New York. Salto de Eyipantla.  Veracruz I México

2021 Echar Montón I Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, CDMX I Mexico.

2021 Seminar Turbulence / Emergence / Enchantment: A Compendium of Climate Literacies, Cove Park, Helensburgh, Scotland

2021 From Fork to table, a series of conversations within the COP26, Glasgow Scotland.

2020 Exchanges from horizontality, museum pic-nic. Tamayo Museum | Mexico City, Mexico.