Residency artists and researchers

Painting, drawing, printmaking

Charlotte Mumm

visual artist

Kuva: Stefan Ruissen

Working with multiple media, Charlotte Mumm crosses the lines between painting, drawing, sculpture and installation. In her work that sits within abstract and figurative, she often deals, inter alia, with paradoxes, the senses, transformations and spatial questions.

“In my artistic work I want to consider space and volume in an open way. I find it interesting to think about doing this not only by applying physical materials but also by using other ‘immaterial’ methods.

Therefore I would like to use my time at the Saari Residence to focus on volume as well as on patterns/structures. The broad field of creating and perceiving volume offers room to experiment in form (different media) and content. At the same time I like to immerse myself into the polarity of patterns and structures – symmetry/asymmetry, origin/abstraction, personal/neutral, repetition/narration etc.- These areas by itself or combined allow many spatial experiments – finding my very own dimension that’s what I’m hoping for.”