<3 workgroup

<3 (Smaller than three) is a contemporary circus, visual art, and sound art performance. The multi-artistic working group brings together their respective mediums to create a celebration of the mundane and absurd. The joyful piece explores artistic liberation through the power of connection. <3 symbolizes the deconstruction and re-shaping of a circle, allowing us to vibrate out of a ready-made shape while gentle interaction takes down the fourth wall.

Hoop artists Susanna Liinamaa, Maiju Saarimaa, and Miradonna Sirkka bring to life a world of tubes, spirals, and sculpture-like piles through unconventional hoop and plastic tube manipulation. <3 is a co-production with Recover Laboratory, a pioneer in immersive and interactive performances drawn from human contact. The whole experience is created together with musician Samuli Kivelä, light designer and scenographer Alina Pajula, visual artist Sofi Häkkinen and experience designer Inna Huttunen.