Triennial of the community art RECEPTION 31 March – 5 June 2016

The first RECEPTION triennial of the community art will be launched next spring at the Saari Residence. It will be produced together by the Regional Office of Southwest Finland of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and several different local contributors.

Pia Bartsch, Community Artist at the Saari Residence, and Suvi Solkio, Regional artist for collaborative arts at the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) The Regional Office of Southwest Finland are in charge of the triennial which includes the following participants: the IHME Contemporary Art Festival and the Pro Arte Foundation Finland from Helsinki, Ateljé Tjuda Pedagogi and the Arkipelag Workshop association from Kemiönsaari, Tehdas Teatteri association and the Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland from Turku, the RaumArs artist-in-residence programme from Rauma, the Pori Art Museum, the University of Turku / Degree Program of Landscape Studies, the Pori Centre for Children’s Culture and Socio-cultural Centre Annankatu 6 / the City of Pori, and Platform from Vaasa and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) / Regional Office of Ostrobothnia. Each location that is participating in the triennial has a different approach to community art and the art is produced by Finnish and international artists. The programme includes visiting artists, discussions, art work presentations and various other pieces, and programmes that will be constructed during the event. A more detailed programme will be published in full at the beginning of 2016, so please keep an eye on the triennial’s website:

In addition to the other residency artists, five artists will be working on community art projects at the Saari Residence during the triennial from March – April 2016. The following artists have been invited to work at the Saari Residence: visual artists Kalle Hamm and Dzamil Kamanger, puppeteer and performance artist Ishmael Falke and dancer, performance artist Sandrina Lindgren and artist Olga Jitlina. Three different community art pieces will be produced with local people during the residency period in the spring. We can’t wait to find out what will be created!

Read more about the triennial’s artists in the Saari Residence