Thematic grant call for 2018 has been published: Our vital neighbours

The thematic grant call for The changing ”neighbournesses” of Finland programme for 2018 has been published. In the third thematic call, the concept of neighbour relations is expanded to cover also the relationships that human and social actors have with non-human living beings.

The thematic call examines our relationship with the diverse group of other organisms and animals around us on the level of individuals, communities, organisations, states and the global world.

How do we consider in our everyday life these “different-species” neighbours of which human life is completely dependant? What kinds of relationships do we have with our different-species neighbours, how are they communicated technologically and what kind of a role do they have in the cities that are becoming denser? What are the societal structures that enable the continuation of human life on Earth?

The thematic call also covers how we discuss our different-species neighbours and our relationships with them in philosophy, religion, art and various texts: How do we talk or write about our vital neighbours in literature, social media, factual texts or scientific literature? How has the value of other species or their status compared to humans changed through centuries in these texts? The thematic call promotes cooperation between fields of ecology, social sciences and humanities. The funded projects must be based on academic research but they can involve civil society members and journalists. We encourage researchers and artists to collaborate.

THE CHANGING “NEIGHBOURNESSES” OF FINLAND PROGRAMME started in 2016, and Our vital neighbours is its third thematic call. At the heart of the programme is the issue: “How can humans, groups, states and cultures live close to each other, communicate and create a sense of community despite different backgrounds, languages and sets of values.”


The thematic grant call takes place simultaneously with the annual grant application period from 1 September to 15 September 2018. See further instructions on applying: FOR GRANT APPLICANTS

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