The winners of the Builders of the Century challenge prize received 2.45 million euros

The winners of the ‘Builders of the Century’ challenge prize were announced on 1 October at the Foundation Day.

A company named Gutsy Go won the ‘Builders of the Century’ challenge prize. Gutsy Go aims to give young people living in neighbourhoods with bad reputations the tools they need to improve their communities. Gutsy Go will receive a prize of 1.5 million euros to develop its operations.

Second place winner was the social media company Someturva, which received a half-million-euro prize. They have developed a mobile phone app that provides legal assistance in the face of online hate speech and harassment.

Third place in the challenge was shared by several entries, each of whom walked away with 150,000 euros. These included Integrify, a supplier of coding training as a means for integrating immigrants, the RT Lit writer’s school for girls of colour, and Elämän Peili, a game developed by top bioscientists to foster young people’s health and welfare.

The challenge prize sought solutions to help build a better future for young people. The prize was a gift from 44 Finnish foundations and trusts to Finland as the country celebrates its centenary of independence. Read more about the challenge