Saari Residence


The first artists of 2022 at the Saari Residence

Saaren kartanon residenssiläiset tammi–helmikuussa 2022. Kuva: Jussi Virkkumaa

At the beginning of January, the Saari Residence for researchers and artists welcomed poet, essayist and curator Yolanda Castaño (Spain); writer, movement artist Laressa Dickey (USA/Sweden); artist and PhD student Miklos Gaál (Finland); visual artist Dimitra Kondylatou (Greece); comic artist Eva Müller (Germany); author, performer Birnir Jón Sigurdsson (Iceland) and artist Rasmus Östling (Finland).

Poet, essayist and curator Yolanda Castaño from Spain is spending her residency delving into the relationship between poetry and the economy and, above all, the prejudices related to poetry. At the same time, she hopes to come up with new ideas and practices for both poets and economists.

Laressa Dickey, an American living in Stockholm, applies a somatic approach and examines time, the development of form and finding form through movement.

Miklos Gaál (Finland) is an artist and PhD student living in Amsterdam who is focusing exclusively on writing his doctoral dissertation on Romantic irony at the Saari Residence. Romantic irony is a philosophy of art from the 1790s that deals with and conceptualises the construction of meaning by shifting familiar definitions and distinctions of thought.

Athenian visual artist Dimitra Kondylatou is doing background research on her latest project, Shallow Spring (working title), in which she examines the social, environmental, corporeal, and aesthetic aspects of thremal tourism.

Hamburg-based comic artist, writer and performer Eva Müller is spending her residency working on her third graphic novel. Combining elements of horror and mystery, the book deals with class and gender discrimination.

Reykjavik-based author, performer Birnir Jón Sigurdsson is working on his new novel, which investigates how to motivate people to engage in climate activism through reading fiction and how issues related to climate change can be presented through a narrative. He is also writing a handbook for young climate activists in collaboration with Icelandic youth environmental organisations.

During his residency, Turku-based artist Rasmus Östling is working on several projects simultaneously, such as an interpretation of two text scores by Swedish folklorist and artist Bengt af Klintberg, an installation based on this work and a remote collaboration with Australian sound artist Felicity Mangan.

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