Saari Residence


Saari Fellows in March and April

© Jussi Virkkumaa

At the beginning of March, a new group of artists and researchers arrived at the Saari Residence. For two months, they will work on themes related to issues such as identity and power relations from various perspectives.

During the year, the Saari Residence hosts artists and researchers from all over the world. At the beginning of March arrived at Saari Performing artist Satu Hakamäki (Finland), Visual artist and Performer Elie Halonen (Finland), Performance artist, Researcher Karolina Kucia (Poland / Finland), performance and theatre artist, dissertation researcher Tuomas Laitinen (Finland), Composer, Performer, Researcher Pia Palme (Austria), Comic artist Siiri Viljakka (Finland) and Writer, Creative Producer Carlos Zerpa (Venezuela). Writer, Actress Maria Alejandra Rojas (Venezuela / Spain) works in the Saari Home Residency. In addition, jazz singer Mari Zhiginas (Ukraine) attends the residency through the Ukraine Solidarity Residencies program.

From mid-May to mid-August, Saari Residence welcomes working groups from different fields of art. The individual residencies will resume next September.