Pia Palme

Composer, performer, researcher

Pia Palme. Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa

As an artist, I do things. My practice as composer and researcher is multidisciplinary and includes working with instruments and electronics, writing, organising, collaborating, and talking with people, reading, recording or filming. During my residency, I want to welcome all these activities and practices to ‘be at home’—to come together and settle into an ecosystem, within the environment and community. The ecosystem of the arts includes me as part of it, together with all human, non-human, living, and non-living elements, technologies and instruments. Growing, evolving, decaying together. Pollution and interferences are welcome. The preposition ‘WITH’ is the heading for this compositional experiment (com as in com-poser is Latin for ‘with’). Ecology looks into patterns of relationships. I want to observe how the various practices, processes, and subjects interact with each other. Based on these observations, I want to explore and compose music. Listening is at the core of what I do, it is the binding activity that connects me with the planet. In the Anthropocene, the practice of composition allows me to make plans for what lies ahead, to envision an ecofeminist future.