Saari Residence


Introducing the renewed Saari Residence application process

As the residence application process for next autumn has been updated, application forms have also been revised in terms of both appearance and content.

The purpose of the revision is to make the residence application process less complicated for both applicants and those who process the applications.

The most important changes relate to new application periods and the fact that applicants are no longer required to choose their own field of art, but that of the expert who evaluates the applications. Furthermore, there are now three categories of monthly grants for individual residencies.

New application period

The annual application period for residencies at the Saari Residence begins on 1 August and ends on 15 August at 4 pm. This means that the application period is now two weeks instead of one month. Residencies are to be applied for through the online grant application service, and only the applications submitted online within the application period will be processed.

Applicants choose their evaluators

Applicants participating in next August’s residence application may determine themselves the field of expertise of the person who will evaluate their application, or alternatively, choose the evaluator according to specific themes.

The fields of art listed on the application form are time and space arts, audiovisual arts, visual arts, performing arts, music, literature and literary arts, curation, and art criticism. The other option is to choose the evaluator according to a specific theme. Themes will be updated before the beginning of the application period.

New residency grant categories

The monthly grant categories for two-month individual residencies have also been updated, and now it is possible to apply for one of the three different grant categories based on the applicant’s experience.

The new grant categories for individual residencies are:

  • At the beginning of one’s career: EUR 2,400 per month
  • In the middle of one’s career: EUR 2,800 per month
  • Experienced artists: EUR 3,500 per month

Applicants for group residencies may apply for support for travel and living costs during the residency period. Support may also be granted for materials required during the residency period. No monthly grant or salary is paid for group residencies.

Read the instructions for residency applicants