Ideas for the future activities and the use of facilities at the Lauttasaari Manor

Last year Kone Foundation acquired the Lauttasaari Manor in Helsinki. At the moment, we are planning the renovation, and the aim is to open the renovated Lauttasaari Manor within two years. Now, when planning is underway, we’d be happy to hear Your ideas and wishes regarding future activities and spaces at the premises.

We believe that in the new premises we will be more capable to advance bold initiatives in reasearch and the arts. Our goal is to make the Lauttasaari Manor an open and flourishing place for encounters and cross-disciplinary interaction.

In addition to the foundation’s office, there will be a space for seminars or other events, and possibilities to present the projects funded by the foundation. We aim to offer a few working spaces for Kone Foundation grant holders, too.

Moreover, the interaction with the surrounding community is important for us. Therefore, the foundation will continue the rental agreement with the Lauttasaari Association, which has its office in the Red Villa, the old main building of the manor.

The values ​​that guide the renovation are openness and the advancement of encounters and interaction, as well as accessibility and the preservation of valuable cultural heritage.

We appreciate if you could use few minutes to fill in the questionnaire.

The information gathered in this questionnaire might also be used in Satu Sirén’s Master’s thesis in Cultural Management (Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences).

Bringing forth research and art in events

There will be a seminar / multi-purpose space for max. 80 people, where events can be organized. The aim is to promote interaction between researchers and artists from different fields and to bring research and art also within the reach of a larger audience.

Bringing forth research and the arts in exhibitions (or similar)

In addition to different kinds of events, the projects can present their the progress and the results of the arts and research projects can be presented in the exhibition space or the like, which . The exhibition space might could be at least partly be the in the same room with as the above-mentioned multifunctional space.

Researchers’ and artists’ workspaces

In addition to the foundation personnel’s work spacesoffices, there also will could also be working spaces for some researchers and artists funded by the foundation.

Co-operation and interaction with Lauttasaari Society and the local community

Other facilities or activities

The manor is surrounded by a small park with many , which will also provide new possibilities. The nNew premises might also allow activities which we may not have even thought about ourselves, so we’d be more than happy to hear the other wishes thoughts and wild ideas, too