Communications trainee Emma Mileva has two main passions: social media communications and learning new things

Photo: Lauri Alaviitala

Emma Mileva (she/xe) will be working with the Kone Foundation communications team as a trainee for the spring. Her job tasks include communication on the Foundation’s social media, producing the annual report and helping with the day to day tasks of the communications team. 

Emma has previous work experience in the cultural sector, having worked at festivals and in theatres. Xe graduated from the University of Helsinki with a bachelor’s degree in English philology and is currently studying for xer politics and communications master’s degree.

What has it been like to start working at Kone Foundation? 
Beginning on my very first day, I have been able to start working on “real” tasks and been fully a part of the team, which is not always guaranteed for a trainee position. The work has been challenging, and I have been able to improve myself and evolve my skills. Simultaneously, I have learned a lot about the Foundation’s work in the research and culture fields.  

My fellow co-workers have been so encouraging and welcomed me in with open arms. It has been wonderful to notice that everyone is equal and nobody is above anybody else here. We all work together and everyone is listened to! 

What do you expect from the following months?  
For the most part, I am excited to develop more and to learn new things, especially social media management and content creation. It is inspiring to see and experience genuine communications work. 

What do you like to do outside of work?  
Pet cats and study, mostly. I also like to host board game and wine nights for my friends. I am still working on finding the perfect balance between work life and free time. 

What baked good would you be?
Probably some kind of raspberry cheesecake. Raspberry is the best berry ever! That, or some kind of brownie, as a safe option. Maybe a raspberry brownie?