Annual grant call opens Saturday, 1 September!

Kone Foundation’s 2018 grant call will be open on 1–15 September. The applications will close on Saturday, 15 September at 4 p.m. EEST. Please submit your application through our online application service, and prior to applying, please read through our guidelines carefully.

Kone Foundation awards grants for research, art, and projects combining the two. In the selection process, emphasis will be placed on initiatives that are multidisciplinary and diverse and which challenge their topics from a new, critical perspective. We encourage applicants to engage in diversified projects that combine art and research, as well as collaboration between journalists and researchers.

This year we have highlighted the thoughts of our anonymous grant review specialist. Please see the video ‘Step into a reviewer’s shoes: tips for grants’, and follow us on social media in order to get more tips (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).


The ‘Our vital neighbours’ theme call invites applicants to explore humans’ relationships with other living organisms

In addition to the general grant application process, the foundation will organise the third thematic call in The changing “neighbournesses” of Finland programme. Our vital neighbours expands the concept of neighbours to include non-human biological creatures. The thematic call is about humans’ relationship with the diverse group of other organisms and animals around us on the level of individuals, communities, organisations, states and the global world.

The thematic call promotes cooperation between ecology, social sciences and humanities. The funded projects must be based on academic research, but they can involve civil society members and journalists. We encourage researchers and artists to collaborate.

Read more about the thematic call


Residence at the Lauttasaari Manor: A new tool for inviting an international specialist for a collaboration project in Finland

The Red Villa located in the courtyard of the newly renovated Lauttasaari Manor includes a residence for artists and researchers. Finnish organisations in the fields of arts and research, who want to invite a foreign art or research expert to Finland for a cooperation project, are welcome to apply for a residency. The first residence application call will be included in the general application call in September.

The purpose of the residency activities at Lauttasaari Manor is to create profound collaboration between local and international art and research professionals. The residency period ranges from one to four months. The first residency period can begin in April 2019.

Read more about the residence


Benefit from peer coaching when polishing your application

In the Final Touch workshop, next Thursday 6 September at 10am–4pm, we will share last minute tips for polishing your grant application, and there will be a chance to offer and receive peer coaching with other applicants.

Café Puhuri at the Red Villa of the Lauttasaari Manor will also serve as a gathering place for writing the application. Puhuri will offer coffee and delicacies at a special price. The workshop will last two hours, and the sessions start at 10 a.m., 12noon and 2 p.m.

Only a few places left – sign up quickly!


We are here to help

Our staff assists with requests regarding grant applications. You can contact us by phone or email or chat with us on the application service. We are not able to take inquiries on weekends except on the last day of the application period, Saturday, 15 September. On that day our staff will be available from 12 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Best of luck with your application!