Kone Foundation bought Lauttasaari manor and its estate from the city of Helsinki in 2015. After two and a half years of renovating the culturally and historically valuable buildings into their new glory, the foundation will move to the manor before summer 2018.

Lauttasaari manor was built in 1837. Before becoming a meeting place for research and art, the manor has served as a hospital and care home for seniors. Most recently, the manor has been empty for several years. The estate includes the Red Villa which is Lauttasaari’s oldest remaining building, built in 1793.

Lauttasaari manor offers a splendid venue to create Kone Foundation into an even more open actor, whose mission is to increase interaction between research and art and support multidisciplinary projects. In the future the manor will host a wide variety of events such as seminars, discussions, workshops and concerts. We are continuously looking for ways to present research and art projects we have funded. The manor will also hold work spaces for the foundations staff as well as a few grant recipients. The Red Villa will have an art/research café that will always be open to the public. Lauttasaari Association will also have their work spaces in the Red Villa. The estate’s garden has been restored according to the plans of Bengt Schalin from the 1920’s and will have contemporary art by Nabb + Teeri.