On the Frontline of the Climate Crisis

The youth-focused art-based research project aims to influence decision-makers to act against climate change. The project organises events and platforms where young people collaborate with art educators, artists and researchers making artwork and planning campaigns about climate change. The project’s activities are carried out in Lapland, Eastern Finland and in the Tampere region.

On the Frontline of the Climate Crisis: Building Youth’s Climate Citizenship and Climate Activism Through Art-Based Co-Research

The project aims to listen attentively to young people’s fears, concerns, hopes and wishes relating to climate change as well as enhance their participation as equal decision-makers in a crucial matter that especially affects their future. The project offers youth an active role as climate citizens by organising art-based action events and using different social media platforms. In collaboration with the youth, virtual online campaigns, climate change rallies, place-specific art interventions and performance art will make visible and represent their climate-related concerns.

This project has adopted youth-focused co-research and art-based participatory action-research approaches to its theoretical framework. With the collaboration of young people, art educators, artists and researchers, this project produces community-based, site-specific artworks that highlight young people’s emotions, hopes and dreams about climate change and a sustainable future. From the perspectives of democracy and political participation, this research produces valuable information on young people’s participation. Furthermore, it reveals the barriers and bottlenecks relating to young people’s efforts to politically influence matters that are important to them. The project is funded by Kone Foundation.

The project started in September 2022, and it will last until the end of 2025.