IHME Helsinki / Taidesäätiö Pro Arte sr

350000 €

IHME Helsingin jatkorahoitus 2023–2025

IHME is a contemporary art organization that situates its activities in a dialogue between art and science. IHME’s core activity is the annual staging of a new artwork, together with an artist and Finnish and foreign partners, in public space in Finland and abroad. We combine the experiential world of art and the informational world of science to create a vision of our planet’s crisis of sustainability increasing hope. Contemporary art is a constantly changing, active pursuit. It not only mirrors the world, but also shapes it. Art gives us a chance to do things differently and it has the power to change the way people think. IHME’s goal is to promote eco-social education, a sustainable, democratic society, and a good on many levels. IHME has already spent ten years courageously producing new, previously unseen art. Now, as the climate crisis accelerates, we are focussing on art’s power to create impact and bringing agents of art and science together around eco-social, environmental issues.