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Best Practices Webinar: Leading and Managing a Kone Foundation Project

Grantees’ own Best Practices webinars focus on leading and managing projects as well as communicating about them with different invited expertsOn Thursday, 8 June, the webinar will concentrate on sustainable project management. What is the basis for vibrant networking? Or how to lead a project from a feminist position?

Perspectives on leading will be provided by Timo Järvensivu, an expert in network management, and curator and writer Eva Neklyaeva, also teaching curating in the performing arts, who will focus on feminist practices, for both leaders and members of working groups.

The event, held in English, is organised via Zoom (the link will be sent to the participants).

We kindly ask you to sign up for the event by 5 June.

Timo Järvensivu: Managing (in) networks. Why, what and how? 

Networking is cooperation based on trust and reciprocity and it takes place between individuals, groups and organisations. Networks are needed when we seek to develop something new, work more flexibly and respond to various actors’ needs comprehensively.  

In this webinar Timo Järvensivu discusses some of the key questions of managing (in) networks: 

  • What is the basis for vibrant networking? 
  • What types of networks exist? 
  • What kind of leadership is needed? 
  • What are the required practical steps? 

D.Sc. (Econ.) Timo Järvensivu has studied and developed network management for 20+ years, initially as a university researcher and currently as a full-time consultant and trainer. Järvensivu earned his D.Sc. degree in 2007 from the Helsinki School of Economics (now Aalto University School of Business) for research on strategic business networks. He has since studied, consulted and trained dozens of public and third sector networks. Järvensivu is also the author of the research-based and practice-oriented book “Managing (in) Networks – Learning, Working and Leading Together” (2020, also available in Finnish: 

Eva Neklyaeva: How to lead a project from a feminist position? 

What is a safer space and how do you establish clear agreements with the team and the audiences? Curator Eva Neklyaeva shares strategies of creating containers for allowing for pleasure, fiction and desire, when bringing projects to fruition. 

Eva Neklyaeva is a curator based in Milan. At the moment, she is co-curating Samara Editions – performances by post; as well as serves as a co-curator for SPIELART Theaterfestival in Munich. Additionally, Eva teaches curating in the performing arts field at IUAV University in Venice, and writes about the practice. You can read her latest texts on Some of her previous positions included curating Santarcangelo, Baltic Circle and Wonderlust festivals. 

Our events are discrimination-free, with zero tolerance for racism, sexism, discrimination based on disability or health status (ableism), transphobia and homophobia in their broader meaning.