Kone Foundation’s premises at the Lauttasaari Manor are easy to visit also with a wheelchair. The address of the manor is Otavantie 10, 00200 Helsinki. You can get to the Lauttasaari Manor by metro or buses 20, 21, 21B, 104, 112N and 192T.  

There is an accessible, marked parking space at Kauppaneuvoksentie 18. The pick-up and drop-off point is in the immediate vicinity of the accessible entrance (about 4 meters from the door). 

The manor garden is accessible by wheelchair from Kauppaneuvoksentie 18. The route from the accessible parking space and the border of the plot to the entrance is easy to find. There are sand paths in the yard, and the paving at the front of the entrance and on the terrace of the formal garden is made of hard, relatively flat slates.  

The manor’s garden-side entrance behind the building is accessible by wheelchair. This covered entrance is easily recognisable. The door buzzer is at an easy-to-reach height. The free width of the doorway is 84 cm, and with the door leaf opened, it is 95 cm (assistance is needed to open it). The threshold has been lowered to make it possible to move over it with a wheelchair (threshold height about 2 cm). 

There is a clear passage from the door to the elevator. The elevator doors open automatically by pressing a button that is at an easy-to-reach height, and the elevator provides wheelchair-friendly access to all three floors (please note: only the 1st and 2nd floors are accessible spaces). The free width of the elevator door is 100 cm, and the depth of the elevator car is 140 cm. There is an accessible toilet on the first floor of the mansion. The free width of the toilet doorway is 88 cm. Guide dogs are welcome in all the manor facilities. We are happy to assist and guide visitors when needed.  

Café Puhuri by Patisserie Teemu Aura, located in the Red Villa of Lauttasaari Manor, is accessible by wheelchair. The free width of the doorway is 95 cm when the narrower entrance door is also opened. The threshold has been lowered to make it possible to move over it with a wheelchair (threshold height about 3.5 cm). The café facilities are all on one level. The café’s toilet is accessible by wheelchair.  

Kamari in Punavuori (Tehtaankatu 21) in Helsinki, which is used by Kone Foundation’s grantees, is not accessible by wheelchair. The building has an elevator, but there are also stairs along the passageways. If you need access without barriers, please contact the Foundation’s office well in advance. In any case, you will need an assistant of your own to move around the premises.