The boldness of an adventure

I’m Tassos Stevens, director and frequent maker of play for Coney, but here in Helsinki taking a sabbatical to help Sami Henrik Haapala and team realise The Real Health Centre.

Coney has at the heart of its ethos three key principles – loveliness, always take care of people; curiosity, because even the everyday world is sometimes a magical place; and adventure, everything should always be as exciting as an adventure. Sometimes, we even make adventures.

You can define an adventure as being a journey into the unknown, a step out of your everyday routines, where your boldness is tested and your agency put on the spot.

All these are true of your visit to The Real Health Centre.

But because of another key quality of the adventure – that you’re never sure what’s going to happen next – I am not going to say very much more in this post about the piece for fear of spoilers. I’m rather going to leave a series of hints, and invite you to snap up the last spots for the adventure this weekend.


Photos: Tassos Stevens


Tassos Stevens

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology Director, Coney