It is, indeed, a very challenging thing to assess, and so is the question of who can define art. I have now been requested to take on this responsibility. My goal is to do my best as an art reviewer.

It is preferable to be aware of the diversity of artistic expression as well as the expressive methods in different cultures. We are the same, yet different. This is also reflected in artistic expression. The continent, environment and educational methods. My goal has been and will be to consider artists of different ages. Gender, does it affect the definitions? In my view, no; at least, not directly. I am interested in the contents, which I also consider through the viewer experience, and want to pay attention to supporting the artists. I am not crazy about big organisations, because they tend to tax the artist’s possibilities in the creative and working processes. I have had to wonder why there are so many applications with the same ideas and so much overlap. The contents must be original, otherwise the power is lost.

It is delightful to discover real gems that have substance. Each applicant puts in a great effort when applying for grants. It is time-consuming.

Each one of you is precious. What I appreciate is that you have dreams.

Some of the ways of expression are similar and artists may brainstorm the same ideas at the same time. And one is supposed to choose between these.

In this review phase, I have the impression that male applicants seem to be bolder about their ideas and budgets. I still hope to see women stand behind their ideas and represent their artistic work more boldly. They convey the ideas, an image, but that is not enough.

To carry out the whole project is a challenge and some need to mature a little in order to make art.  You do not graduate as an artist directly from school. You need to gain experience and do your work, but you also have to gain patience and confidence; it is like jogging long distance.

The contacting surface of art and its viewers, listeners, is an experience. For those people who do not go to view art, maybe art could approach people, the general public? I think about these themes in Finland and abroad, and I also look at how and where a work or works of art from the inter-artistic fields are completed. My goal is to also take into account Finland’s various municipalities and cities from which applications are submitted and the applicants with international background. I am intrigued by the many aspects of art, the original ideas and contents.

Painting is a timeless method of expression that holds on to its existence despite the powerful presence of the internet. It has impacted the existence of the internet and these two can work together.

The idea behind a matter can come to be through a pen or a paintbrush. There are many tools that can be used to express the experimental trends in creative arts. However, what I can consider most important is the contents, the whole that the works make up and their quality. And what kind of integrity there is, how you put your heart into it. I also consider that there is great cultural importance in those parties who support the diversity of art, making it possible and providing for people involved in the fields of art.

My founding principle is that the people who possess the potential needed to complete a work or works of art come first. Only after that come the other factors.

Paying attention to the working conditions of artists and the long-term nature of creative work make it possible to exhibit art outwards, to everyone and everywhere.

I will continue with the reviews. I guess I can say that it is important to see what the diversity of the arts and the artists have to say; what is in their mind in the work process.

Human souls speaking to others – that is creativity.

I love it. I will continue with my task.