Images of harmony and rupture

Headed by Susanna Helke, this artistic research project examines how a documentary-making approach can be used to draw attention to cracks in the welfare state.

In addition to social analysis, the project will generate a series of films. The project will be implemented as a multi-year think tank, where seminars and lectures by economists and social scientists will support theoretical thinking and the preparation of films.

Through artistic expression, films can reveal phenomena hidden behind the veil of convention. The challenges of social documentaries include the search for new ways of expression: to make the invisible visible, presumptions about society that are hidden in the conventions of the genre must be acknowledged, and the surrounding reality must be depicted in an elastic manner.

Susanna Helke is best known for American Vagabond (2013), her award-winning film about young gay people in San Francisco, and Playground (2010), a film about young people in Helsinki. The project group includes Timo Korhonen, Susanna Helke, Jouko Aaltonen and Jussi Lehtomäki.