Hanneriina Moisseinen starts work as our new invited artist

Cartoonist Hanneriina Moisseinen will start her eight-month residency at the beginning of September.

Hanneriina Moisseinen worked at the Saari Residence for the first time during November and December in 2010. She feels pleased and enthusiastic about returning to the Saari Residence.

“I am most looking forward to getting back under those big trees and otherwise going on outings to the surrounding countryside, but I am also excited about the fact that I am guaranteed to meet wonderful artists at Saari Residence and that I might end up in spontaneous cooperation with them,” she says.

During her time as invited artist Moisseinen will be working on her fourth comic book, the subject of which is cows and the Second World War. The story is set in summer 1944 of the Continuation War, and the last people and animals are being evacuated from Karelia before the border is closed.

“I will finish off the book at the Saari Residence and organise an exhibition in spring 2016 where the songs in the book will be played in the form of soundscapes and live performances,” she explains. She also wants to write a research text on the same theme, as the exhibition is part of Anne-Mari Kivimäki’s Suistamo ­– Laboratory of Tradition, which is studying Karelian tradition in a multidisciplinary way and which has also received Kone Foundation’s Multilingualism and Art funding.

Watch a video about Hanneriina Moisseinen here!