The Spanish artists Ana Matey and Isabel León worked in the Saari Residence during September and October 2014. They developed their mutual project called EXCHANGE Live Art, which investigates communication and interpretation of messages, taking performance art as the main point of this investigation.

During their residency period Matey and Léon developed an intense “exchange” work between them related to the space, their own process and environment of the Saari Manor. Also, they worked with some of the other Saari Fellows of different artistic disciplines. Their collaborative work in the residence was based on the exchange of scores and objects, between them and with the artists Maria Kananen and Jonimatti Joutsijärvi. Together with Adj. Prof. Anu-Hanna Anttila they created a work of art called Domestic Cleaning Performancen, a tribute to cleaners. Read Anttila’s thoughts about the process from our boldness blog

 Read more about the EXCHANGE Suomi project from here (in Spanish)