Essay collection for brown girls

“I came up with the idea to write a blog on Valentine’s Day when I was hung over. I thought I’d just put it out there and see if anyone would read it. I didn’t have the energy to carry around my experiences on my own any more. I just had to share them,” says Koko Hubara describing how her popular Brown girls blog came about. The blog amassed a huge number of readers in a short time: “Many commented to say that that is exactly how they felt every day!

Hubara’s essay collection based on her blog texts prompts discussion on race-related feminism in Finland. Hubara asks who is allowed to be a Finnish (woman), what does racism feel like and what is racism? The book also participates in a wider discussion on racial, gender and racism issues in Finland. “I write the blogs for us. Brown girls have no other form of narrative than care assistants or the Refugee Woman of the Year. A brown girl might also want to be a poet,” says Hubara. (at)