Dear applicant, dear someone like me

For the past two weeks, I have felt as if I am a lighthouse amidst a dark, stormy sea. I have used all of my working time assessing applications submitted to Kone Foundation. I was in a boot camp of sorts. On my own.

It is hard to focus on reading when you feel that you have already read too many applications. The process is taxing on your energy, buttocks and nerves. Assessment work is an endurance sport – this is something that few applicants realise.

The applications are not processed by a computer or a foundation. They are processed by a human being – someone like you. Someone who wants to support every applicant and has nothing but good intentions.

The assessment process is emotionally demanding as well. It feels bad to know that many good, even ingenious, projects will not receive funding – not because the work, project or idea is lacking in some respect, but simply because the financial resources are limited in comparison to the number of applications. Working on this assignment has further convinced me that the Finnish funding system for culture makes no sense, particularly with regard to the dramatic arts. Something needs to be done.

The assessment work in itself was a wonderful experience and I had an amazing time during these two weeks. I found the thoughts and ideas fascinating, and the forthcoming works and projects will be fantastic!

I was a lonely lighthouse, yes, amidst a stormy sea, but the storm sounded like a symphony!

There is something I would like to say, dear applicant, dear someone like me. It may be that your idea will not make the cut this time. But after reading this text, you will probably know why. Please do not be discouraged.

Dear friends, keep playing the symphony.