Residency artists and researchers

Painting, drawing, printmaking

Yassine Khaled

Visual artist

Yassine Khaled is a Moroccan visual artist based in Helsinki. His sculptures, installations, performances, paintings, and videos focus on the disparity between the power and wealth of some, and the powerlessness and poverty of others in our globalized world. Khaled visualizes power relations between individuals caused by, for instance, ever-increasing gaps in wealth, socio-cultural differences, labor conditions, educational opportunities — the conditions that determine one’s level of comfort and stability in society. Khaled’s Monitor Man received an honorary mention at Prix Ars Electronica 2018, in Austria. He was also selected for the 2nd Prize for Artist of the New Generation, Morocco in 2014.

Khaled’s works have been represented internationally in galleries, art fairs and biennales including: Human Factore Group Exh in WatermansArtsCenter, London(2018),  Group Exh OK Center for CA-ArsElectronica in Austria(2018), Hive MindGroup Exh Art Hall Gallery and Tallinn City Gallery (2018), SALTS Group Exhibition, Birsfelden, Switzerland (2017-2018), Chart Art Fair (2017), Copenhagen, Denmark, Haihara Art Centre, Tampere, Finland (2017), SUPERMARKET Art Fair, Stockholm (2017), Art Fair Suomi, Helsinki (2017), CMOOA -Collection’s Auction, Palace Es Saadi, Marrakech (2016), Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki (2016-2017), 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, London (2015), GVCC, Casablanca (2012-2017) and ”Luxures”, RonchauxRoom, Besançon, France (2014), Biennale OFF 4 Marrakech (2012) and Contemporary Art Fair of Africa and the Mediterranean, Casablanca (2011).