Residency artists and researchers

Multidisciplinary art

Yasser Vayani ja Sarah Kazmi


In exploring through a research and process driven approach, we intend on exploring cultural, historical and social aspects of the communities in Mynämäki, Finland. By meeting residents at the Saari Residence and getting to know people and understanding their way of life, their history, and their traditions we propose on focusing on two ways in which to represent a reflection of the people we encounter . Through the use of conversations, food and objects the intention is to see how objects and food can convey the intimate details of people, places, their social stature and their world view. The use of objects and food creates a duo of two ways that has the capacity to reduce the gap between viewer and the artwork and consequently by using recipes and found objects to find the distinction between the artist, the participant and the place. This research on found objects and food in Mynämäki, Finland will create a strong relationship to anthropology, focusing on the fact that humans create culture and leave marks of their existence as a way of making sense of their social and physical worlds.

As two individuals, working together on two ways of approaching a topic, this allows for a discourse within our own practice going forward and a discourse on art itself. Through our research we ask how do food and objects contribute to personal identity? How do food and objects carry with them past and futures of human beings and their personal history?

Aiming to eliminate a distance between the viewers, residents, artists and the public, this gathering of people is a collection of traditions, values, human experiences, stories; through objects and food enabling us to act with imagination & creativity, to act socially, politically with conviction.