Teemu Mäki

Artist, researcher

At the Saari Residence, Mäki intends to concentrate on writing two books. Underway he has his fourth collection of poems and a book of essays, continuing his doctorate thesis Darkness Visible—Essays on Art, Philosophy and Politics. The essay book will discuss the societal task of art, freedom of expression and its potential limits, the relationship between art and economy and between art and the climate change.

“In addition to concentrating on my literary work, I expect two things from the residency. First, I expect that the countryside surrounding the residence and wandering in it will be a great source of joy and inspiration for me. Second, I like the blind date aspect involved in the residence concept: I won’t know in advance which other scholars will be there with me at the same time. I believe it will be surprising, challenging and fun with them,” Mäki explains.

Teemu Mäki is an artist, director, writer and researcher. He is a Doctor of Fine Arts (Finnish Academy of Fine arts 2005). Since 1990 he has been an independent, freelancing artist, except for the years 2008–2013, when he was the Professor of Fine Arts in Aalto University.

Mäki describes his activities in the following way: I work in the fields of art, philosophy and politics by whatever means necessary. The results are usually some kind of visual art, literature, theatre, film or theory. For me art is the most flexible, versatile and holistic form of philosophy and politics.