Teatteri Metamorfoosi: Pulcinella

theatre company

Teatteri Metamorfoosi is a Helsinki-based theatre company focusing on masked theatre. Since 2006, the Teatteriyhdistys Metamorfoosi association has been working determinedly to develop masked theatre culture and increase awareness of the art form in Finland. With the expansion of the troupe, puppetry, object theatre and theatrical clowning have taken their place beside masked theatre in the group’s forms of expression.

The core members of the Pulcinella hand puppet performance group include Teatteri Metamorfoosi members Elina Putkinen (director), Iika Hartikainen (live musician), Johanna Kultala and Riina Tikkanen (puppet handlers and masked actors). The performance is being shaped through indoor and outdoor practice and by building a puppetry booth and puppets. In addition, Commedia dell’Arte expert Davide Giovanzana will hold a mask workshop for the performers (14 h). Pulcinella’s premiere will be celebrated in the inner courtyard of the National Museum of Finland on 30 July 2016, 3 p.m.