Teater 90°

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At the Saari Residence, we will work on the WunderKinder performance. WunderKinder is a performance mixing design imagery and working life discourse about social climbing, despair and rebellion. The performance unravels the ecosystem of the neoliberal society, where it is impossible to distinguish work from leisure time. The work combines the problematics of the millennial generation with political analysis, by means of a modern performance.

Working group:

Manuscript: Johannes Ekholm
Director: Anni Klein
Sound design: Heidi Soidinsalo
Scenography: Laura Haapakangas and Kristian Palmu
Producer: Annina Blom
On stage: Edith Holmström, Gogo Idman, Robert Kock, Iida Kuningas, Markus Riuttu

WunderKinder is the tenth performance of teater 90°, founded in 2006. Over a period of ten years, teater 90° has created uncompromising drama of high artistic quality, based on new drama and performance texts and novel working methods. The performances have often been site-specific and held outside traditional theatre spaces.

More information about the group: WWW.TEATER90.COM