Residency artists and researchers

Media and video art

Shanzy Subzwari & Rabeea Bilwani


Log kya kaheinge? Is an Urdu term, roughly translated in English as ‘ What will people think?’, referring to the general attitude of ‘giving a damn’ about other peoples opinions. These ‘other people’, refers to the rest of society who may have little to do with our lives, but whose opinion will inadvertently effect our decisions, as is common in Pakistan (and South Asia) at the cost of our own happiness.

While this phenomenon applies to men too, as females Rabeea and I have experienced it firsthand. The term Log kya kaheinge? defines our career choices, our behavior, the way we speak, live our lives, and think or perceive the world around us. It stunts our experience in this world, making us believe we need to fit into pre-designed boxes of what a ‘perfect’ female is, where being unusual or unique is most often considered a disability and innovations are considered threatening, especially to the male gender and prospective ‘mothers in law’ when it comes to ‘approving’ their sons wives.

In our practice, Rabeea and I comment on society and how it works, either on our own struggle with ‘fitting in’ or critiquing societal perceptions and societal events on a larger scale. Working with audio, video, objects and drawing to comment on our ordeals as females living in Pakistan, with pieces especially created in the Saari Residency space, we would like to create a series of videos and/or drawings in collaboration with each other and the people or communities we interact with at Saari.