Sanne Kabalt


When describing what photography does, the verb often used is ‘to capture’ something. Though, problematically, this suggests the imprisonment of the subject matter. The verb is used for words too. Yet, once something is captured, it is no longer out there, no longer wild, no longer free. Furthermore, the medium of photography often implies a focus on a static end result: a final work that you show in an exhibition or publication, for example. More and more, however, I am interested in the process that comes before and after. The method to get somewhere. The questions that have remained unanswered.

During my stay at Saari, I want to experiment and research the process as the piece. This is one of many attempts of mine to work with photography without ‘capturing’ anything or anyone. I’ll be working with performance alongside photography and installation. The beauty of what I do is not in that one framed picture that eventually hangs on the wall of an exhibition. It is in the attempt to convey something invisible visually to others. In selecting the images on the floor, judging the negatives on the light box, experimenting with projections, prints and presentation forms. It is in the filled notebooks, in the research. It is in all the moments when things fail. What if the transition between the making process and the final result fades?