S-projekti | Heli Keskikallio and Linda Martikainen

Collaborative project between two choreographers and dance artists.

During our time at the residence, we will continue to work on our solo performances, the Meeting ______ and Phhhhh, and will solidify our personal ways of working solo. We will also start planning our next solo works for this project. 

At the Saari Residence, we will work both independently and together, considering questions about solo work, such as: what is solo performance made of? What are you in relationship with when working alone? How controlled/uncontrolled can the process be? How to act and work simultaneously in different roles, such as choreographer/performer? 

In the solo pieces we are working on, we are constantly thinking about the relationships that we are creating with our surroundings, rather than focusing on the solo artist’s solipsistic presence. We are interested in the agency and authorship of various materials and their impact on each other. 

During our residency, we expect to spend time with the performance materials we have already found and to let ourselves be open to potential new angles. We are grateful for the time and space to work on our project without distractions and interruptions. 

We met each other during our master’s studies and, shortly after graduation, we both began to consider creating a solo piece.  Through this shared interest, we ended up creating a shared working platform we call S-projekti, in which we work side by side on our solo pieces. S-projekti was started in the autumn of 2016. We have been working on this project at residencies in Turku, Tampere and Helsinki. We have performed work-in-process versions of Meeting _____ and Phhhhh about every six months at Taidetila Virgiinia, Haihara Art Centre, Vapaan Taiteen Tila (Free Space for Art) and Performance Center Eskus, among others. Through regular work-in-process performances, we examine the boundaries of the performance event and look for new potential forms for solo performances. We observe the relationship between the performance and the spectator/person experiencing it and we ponder how the audience becomes a part of the performance process. The next solo performance in our project will take place at K&C Tila in Helsinki towards the end of 2020.  

Important themes in our joint work are continuity and maintaining and feeding the long process. Our goal is to increase the appreciation of the unfinished, of learning and insights instead of readiness. We nurture our artistic work by giving our thoughts, materials and cooperation time to mature.