Roxana Sadvokassova

Filmaker, comedian

Filmmaker Roxana Sadvokassova is accompanied by her dog Blake in the residency

Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa

During my stay in Saari, I plan to continue my research and build my first horror feature script, “Prodigal Daughter”, along with working on some pre-production tasks for organizing the premiere of a comedy special “Gross & Melancholic”.

In Saari’s calm and remote atmosphere, I hope to find a new pace of living and working and concentrate on the creatively challenging project of writing the first feature. I am looking for a period of introspection, slowing down, doing fewer things but being more present with the few essential things that I choose to do, long walks with my dog in nature and sinking into my slow routine without the constant rush & instant demands of city life


Roxana Sadvokassova (b. 1992, Kazakhstan), in her maverick approach, seeks to explore storytelling organically and find expression through different mediums. Her current primary focus is film and comedy.