Residency artists and researchers

Multidisciplinary art


Resonance brings together Finnish and Omani earlier career artists with their more established peers and mentors to develop and produce new works across photography, performance, drawing, painting, film, video and installation during a two-week intensive period of production, exchange and sharing. Participating artists will work with external prompts to produce a new work or a ‘sketch’ for a new work each day. The prompts will be generated through a game of darts with three boards and a set of words assigned to the scores on each of them. These chance-determined words will define the parameters for each assignment across three categories: place or stage, form or theme, time or dimension.

We are looking to create conditions for the earlier career artists to work with the more experienced peers from very different cultures, backgrounds and landscapes through shared starting points. The programme focuses on generation of new ideas and production of work within a supportive, shared environment outside daily commitments and pressures. Each evening the artists will generate new prompts to respond to the following day. There will be no hierarchy between the earlier career artists and their more established peers.

The Resonance programme was conceived by The Wapping Project, a London-based yet nomadic arts organisation, which exists to enable artists to work with unrestrained ambition, supporting those whose voices and stories need to be heard and seen, mostly women, often those whose life and/or career paths have not been straightforward, and above all those who believe in synergy, in making something larger than one could make on their own. Our core principles are idiosyncrasy, ambition, experimentation and collaboration. The Wapping Project is the operating name of the charitable company Women’s Playhouse Trust registered in England with the Charity Commission.


Artists / mentors: – Elina Brotherus and Maija Blåfield

Artists / participants: Kawthar Al Harthi (Oman), Khadija Al Maamari (Oman), Safa Baluchi (Baluchistan, Oman), Paola Fernanda Guzmán Figueroa (Colombia, Finland), Hertta Kiiski (Finland), Ruqaiya Mazar (Baluchistan, Oman), Rosaliina Paavilainen (Finland), Lada Suomenrinne (Sápmi)