Residency artists and researchers

Media and video art

Ray LC

Assistant Professor in School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. Media art, performance, design of space, social robotics.

I’m investigating computational models of human spatial navigation with full human interaction as opposed to the mathematical models in the literature. With human interaction comes the possibility of using the data visualization of these models to positively influence human perception. As many of us are locked down at home, the ability to visualize how to navigate outside our enclosures will give us a way (at least temporarily) out of our isolation-induced stress.

I envision learning from everyone, especially regarding performance and media research. I also hope to create and show cool stuff and marvel at what each other are doing despite being quarantined at home. I had always hoped to visit Finland, but for now, this to me will be an opportunity to learn rather than a restriction.

Since full physical installation is not currently possible, I’m investigating how to show the results on the web using webGL. I work with neuroscience models, generative art, and computer-vision based human interactions.

RAY LC practices at the boundary of spatial interactions and neuroscience for building empathic bonds. He leverages experience as a computational neuroscientist at UCLA and RIKEN to build immersive interactive experiences, often with quirky robots. Residencies: BankArt, 1_Wall_Tokyo, LMCC, NYSCI, Saari, Kyoto Design Lab. Exhibitions: Kiyoshi Saito Museum, Macy Gallery, Java Studios, Elektra Montreal, ArtLab Lahore, Ars Electronica, NeON, New Museum, CICA Museum, NYCSDFF, Burning Man. Awards: JSPS, NSF, NIH, Imagine Cup, A’ and Adobe Design Award.