Piirakkakerho, The Pie Club

a group of eight female sculptors

The Pie Club is a group of eight female sculptors, whose events are a mixture of community art, sculpture and performance, and sometimes a little something else.

We will gather at the Saari Residence to plan our 10th anniversary event, “Väsyneiden naisten talo” (the house of tired women). There, we will establish a temporary multidisciplinary rest home in Helsinki, which will be open for five days. The rest home will serve as a discussion, learning and meeting point for various people. As its name suggests, our rest home will provide care and food for thought for tired women. At the Saari Residence, we will prepare workshops, test materials for the event and design its overall structure. In honour of the 10th anniversary, guest artists, lecturers and workshop leaders will be invited to participate in the House of tired women.