Residency artists and researchers

Performing arts, performance art

Noora Juppi

Pole dance artist

During my residency, I will deepen my working processes in pole dancing and movement and start implementing a new solo piece. The starting point of my work process is to deepen my meditation practice and broaden my understanding of it. At the Saari Residence, I will be working with silence, trying to reduce stimuli from outside my body to a minimum. I expect the residence environment to provide a gentle framework for this kind of work. I’m going to indulge in an inquisitive observation of my mind and settle down to quietly experience the process. I will observe with fascination the way slowing down, growing quiet and adopting sensitive mindfulness affect my bodily expression. I will use meditation to study how pole dancing and movement engender sensitivity and mindfulness, the kinds of experiences of pleasure and connection they create and the possibilities they offer for expressing pleasure and connection with my body. I work best when I have a gentle routine and discipline.

I have a vocational qualification as a circus artist and since gaining it, have also studied modern dance and dance pedagogy. I have been performing pole dance and teaching it since 2011. Pole dancing is fundamentally often athletic and strong with an established form. I am interested in exploring the possibilities of different types of movement, softening, relaxedness and image-based movement in the context of pole dancing. In particular, the concept and goal of softening is present both in my work and throughout my life.