Residency artists and researchers

Multidisciplinary art

Mohammed Moe Mustafa

Sound/Visual artist and theatre maker

Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa

The Heavenly Body

Born in Kuwait, I am a multidisciplinary artist using video, theatre, experimental film, and sound art. My themes are often political and related to race, identity, and sexuality.

In the Saari Residence, I will work on a performative project, The Heavenly Body, exploring hierarchies of desire and desirability. The question I will be asking is: “Can we change how and what we desire? What are the processes by which our desires are formed, and what does it mean to be undesirable?”

The research outcome, which will be discussed and played in readings with small groups of peers at the residence, will take the form of a sound art piece, a performance, a video work, or just a reading with soundscape composition.

I also plan to practice belly dancing, using Egyptian belly dance video archives and music. Through belly dance, I will explore the body’s state of desirability.

In doing so, I hope to voice out feelings such as shame, anger, and race fetishism.


List of works

2022 Psychosis 4.48 – Sarah Kane- Rakastajat teatteri
2022 Yle Radio Monologue – The Journal of a broken heart
2021 Curating in collaboration with Publics Xosphere ambinet live event
2021 Finnish History In the Making- Photo Exhibition at Brinkkala Gallery
2021 Koheitat Mereen ala – Painting Exhibition at Bokvillan Gallery
2021 Psychosis 4.48- Sarah Kane – Koko teatteri – Dramaturg, directing and video design.
2018 Not for men – Director, scriptwriter and sound designer
2017 When a Rainbow is Black, Teatteri Telakka – Director, scriptwriter