Miklos Gaál

Artist, doctoral candidate

Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa

During the residency in Saari, I will exclusively focus on writing my doctoral research about romantic irony. Romantic irony is a 1790s art philosophy that in its time formulated a new kind of capacity in art, that is still challenging and relevant today. My project is to compare how its apprehension of the artwork compares with contemporary arts. It is a scholarly dissertation in fine arts that combines practical and theoretical inquiry with critique. For the residency period, I aim do literary work that is out of the usual distractions of daily life. Besides that, I wish it will be a properly snowy winter so that I can go skiing in between work.

Miklos Gaál (b. 1974, Finland) is an artist and a doctoral candidate living in Amsterdam. Working with changing formats of visual arts, he is interested in the subjective nature of experience. His work is an inquiry in how actuality is constructed habitually, and how we grant reality to things. Gaál has shown his works internationally in galleries, institutions, and publications since 2001. He studied at the University of Art & Design Helsinki and the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. His current doctoral research is affiliated with Fine Arts Academy at Uniarts Helsinki.